Thank you for visiting our website.  My hope is that you will find our work to be both personally inspiring and worthy of further exploration.
At its core, architecture is really about people and how they live and interact as well as their values, needs and desires. We at Altman Architects seek to translate the complex feelings clients have about life and living into a vitally necessary central idea or soul.  This requires us to listen very, very carefully.
That soul may be expressed in many ways. From town to town and country to country, embracing both residential and commercial projects, we employ a broad vocabulary of architectural expression that ranges from classical to cutting-edge.
What these expressions share in common is a sense of elegance and refinement that thoughtfully reflects client tastes. Extreme attention is paid to site selection, detailing, lighting, activity flows from room to room, indoor-outdoor relationships, vistas and even smells of the garden. Our clients know us for melding architecture, interior design and landscaping so as to appear touched by a single hand.
A testament to our listening skills, imagination and execution is that some of our clients have been with us for decades.