National Chain Restaurant
The reinvention of a decade old casual dining restaurant chain from the Mid-west called for a complete make over. Bobby Altman structured the Houlihan’s prototype around the idea of a contemporary “more than dining” experience, which became a life style change from a typical cluttered indoor dining experience. Altman Architects re-grouped the green space, which had previously been dispersed around the building, to form a courtyard where patrons were forced to interact with the outdoor elements of the restaurant. Bars, fire rings, green houses, and shaded trellises were implemented to do just that. One restaurant prototype and three climate based courtyard prototypes were defined during the development phase. With the completion of some Houlihan’s and construction underway in others, the response has been overwhelming from the public.
Groundbreaking Townhomes
For architect Bobby Altman and developer Robert Davis a visit to Apogee and Longview townhomes located in Coconut Grove, Florida 30 years after completion proved their recognition and awards received were just. What was considered groundbreaking in the 70’s for design and construction held up to the changing times in South Florida. Fortunately their work is still paying off, as a German museum curator recently toured the site inquest of documenting the project for a museum exposition.
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